How to Use The Games People Play at Work

EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (EI / EQ) theory is built into the Games People Play at Work.  When learners begin the simulation, they are given an assignment as a manager and they face various challenges while trying to meet a deadline. In each vignette, the learner’s first interactive question is based on self awareness, then they proceed to making a decision. The simulation design helps the learner to become more aware and think before acting.

In the office environment, coaching and mentoring are powerful developmental tools so the Games People Play at Work is equipped with an EQ Leadership Coach. The coach will guide the learner through their selections asking questions and providing coaching comments which can help leaders to make optimal decisions in future interactions.

In the context of Emotional Intelligence, The Games People Play at Work explores dimensions of DIVERSITY like gender, and geographic location. The diversity situations provide the learner with opportunities to expand the breadth and depth of understanding what to do when faced with these types of issues at work. We provide learners with character profiles to help them get to know the personalities of their coworkers. If learners use the profiles to form biases, there may be surprises along the way.

At the end of the Games People Play at Work, we provide an EQ Leadership Score. This score is accompanied by a list of emotions recorded from the emotional literacy exercise. Learners can use this list of emotions to see if there are trends that need attention and modification. The Games People Play at Work takes about 2.5 hours to play.  Players may pause the simulation but if the learner signs off without finishing, the simulation will be reset at the beginning.

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