What is The Games People Play at Work?

The Games People Play at Work is a single outcome, interactive e-learning solution designed to create safe opportunities for leaders to encounter difficult people in a virtual office environment and use Emotional Intelligence to navigate the personalities and situations.

The Games People Play at Work is an alternative to traditional online training solutions because it both educates and entertains by immersing learners in a work environment where they are immediately challenged to navigate personalities and situations…

Who Can Benefit

The Games People Play at Work is ideal for leaders and potential leaders in corporations, universities, government or individuals who are dedicated to their personal development.  Existing or potential executives, managers, supervisors or even project leaders are often challenged by diverse behaviors within a team and can benefit from the Games People Play at Work.

The Games People Play at Work helps leaders to learn skills necessary for:

– Developing a climate of trust in their immediate work environment
– Building respect among co-workers and team members
– Embracing change and help others to embrace change more effectively
– Building high performing teams
– Being open to constructive conflict
– Enhancing creativity and productivity
– Improving the bottom-line

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